Spring Baked

by Corcovado

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released April 20, 2010



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Corcovado Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Money Shot
Quiet nights of quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar, floating in the darkness that surrounds us, oh us, oh cant you see that I fucking love you, and what the fuck was I going to do except scream "take me back", because there were quiet thoughts and quiet dreams, quiet walks by quiet streams, oh how lovely, a window looking out on Corcovado, oh how lovely....

.. It’s a waste of a dream if it doesn't come true, all my dreams are the same and they're wasted on you..
Track Name: Phil Rudich
Like a river that cant find the sea, I would be lost without you, empathy, because when she looks strait at her and not me, only me, oh this is where I want to be, here with you so close to me, until the final flicker of life's ember, I used to be lost and lonely, believing life was only, a bitter tragic joke, but I’ve found the meaning of existence..

.. I hope you rot for this, I hope you hate me now, I hope you're made to pay for those things you did, they won't wash away ..
Track Name: Pussy Magnet
And it haunts me, badly, that in the fall I scream at leaves, I tell them stories they don’t believe, stories about love and how I need you, how I’m scared that I’m not afraid to hurt myself in order to save me, the equator was at my neck and she burned me badly, but fuck them because I’m alive, because of her black eyes I’m in an alley next to fourth street, filled with chronic that can last for weeks, I’m trying to stop me....

.. Two more months. I couldn't stand it for even one fucking second. But I'll pray to your god, that I never want you back. It's too bad that what you took can never be replaced. You broke those promises, as well as another important thing..
Track Name: Long Jawn Silver's
(I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t trying to kiss you tonight but will you) look at the stars the same way I do, because I didn’t know gold was fucking white, lalala you’ve been blowing snow in my face all fucking night but you might as well yell "stop, just stop, Jason you’re getting too close", too close, I’m too close? What the fuck is too close when I love you, when I have a heart as wide as my eyes on those January nights, I’m not sorry for having my arm around you, in other words hold my hand, in other words kiss me, because I need today, now and forever, oh what can one do when a love affair is just over....

.. Nothing is beautiful, and everything hurts..